It is a photobook format 3” x 4” enabling you to group together 60 of your favourite photos (one per page).

For each photo, you select the number of copies you wish to see printed and these are all easily detachable, thanks to a micro-perforation. Marvellous, to be able to share your souvenirs with family and friends.

The cover of your BOOGYBOOK changes each month, enabling you to rapidly build up a splendid library.

Classic or Notebook?

BoogyBook gives you the choice of two models:

- Classic: 60 10x15 cm photos

- Notebook: A square, Polaroid-type format, with the ability to add text. 

How to create my BOOGYBOOK?

You have available to you BOOKGYBOOK applis (IOS & Andoid) as well as the website

With your User Name & your Password, you can easily create your BOOGYBOOK accessing ALL OF YOUR PHOTOS, whether they be on your Smartphone, your tablet, your PC or even on a hard drive or in the Cloud.

There are no limitations to enable you to group together your preferred souvenirs.
If you are using Apple equipment (IMac, IPad, IPhone) you can select up to 60 photos at one time.

Can I order several BOOGYBOOKS at the same time?

Of course, practical to use as a gift!

What happens if I upload less than 60 photos?

You cannot order less than 60 photos. To complete your BoogyBook, add photos or ask for multiple copies.

What do you do with my credit card details?

You have no reason to worry. These are held in full confidentiality by a secure 3rd party – INGENICO, world leader in Internet payment solutions.

At BoogyBook we have absolutely no record relative to bank card details.

How confidential is my personal information?

BoogyBook is committed to handle all of the information concerning you with the strictest confidentiality.

You have rights of access to rectify or eliminate details of your personal information. To exercise these rights, connect to your customer area.

And the quality?

BoogyBook is printed using the most recent digital printers and the packaging is designed to protect against risks of damage during transport.

In the event of any problem, you are covered by our 30 day guarantee for free replacement.
Return your BoogyBook together with your comments and we shall reprint it free of charge.

Can I offer BoogyBook as a gift?

Of course, it is an ideal gift !

To do so, enter the name and address of the person to whom you wish to offer a BoogyBook and complete with your personal bank card details. Your gift will be sent directly to the recipient.

Can I sponsor a friend ?

No problem, thanks to the sponsorship voucher included at the end of each BoogyBook
Like you, your friend will benefit from the same advantages.

BoogyBook provides the certitude of never losing precious souvenirs.

What to do if I do not receive my BoogyBook?

Contact BoogyBook customer service who will ensure that your BoogyBook is reprinted and shipped to you with minimal delay.